My 2nd encounter with Paul McCartney

In 2008 I was playing Piano at the Connaught Hotel in central London every Saturday evening. It was my 3rd gig and I was taking a break and sitting in the American Bar having a drink when in breezed Paul McCartney with what looked like a lawyer friend in a black pined striped suit. They both sat down in the corner and started talking. I thought should I or shouldn’t I say hello! Maybe he’ll think I’m some kind of weird fan, would he recognize me! So with all of these stupid thoughts going round in my head I got up to head back to my piano. Luckily Paul was sitting near the exit in the general direction I was headed, as I got closer he looked up and smiled. That was my cue, Hi I said, Paul replied hi how are you, I said great thanks, Do you remember me? before he had the chance to answer and saving face incase he didn’t remember me I said, I first met you and Linda back in the 70’s when I demonstrated some synthesizers! That’s right he said, so what are you doing here! I’m gigging in the restaurant next door I said, he then asked, so what type of music are you playing! with a big grin on my face I said mainly yours. Oh great he said I will pop in a bit later to have a listen! About an hour later I was just finishing my set and sure enough he popped in just as I was playing Lady Madonna, he gave me the thumbs up and left after the 3rd song and said see you again Soon! And sure enough we met again a couple of weeks later…

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