Hack: Easily create podcasts in just 5 minutes! is great. Their services is virtually unlimited bandwidth, kind support. You can make radio stations without expert knowledge. Our radio stations are also operated by

But one problem occurred. does not provide the function to create podcasts by default.

… We can’t make WHAAAT ? “Can’t create” is not in our dictionary 😎 .

Get information from and automatically create a podcast. We have created such software. Of course, we will offer it for free!

Let’s do it now

In order to use it, the php server is needed. If you do not have a php server, please borrow a high-speed server such as dreamhost. If you do not have money, let’s use a free server such as hostinger.

Please download the software first and unpack it to the desired place.  Download

There is settings.php in the decompressed file. Open this and edit it as following.

After setup is completed, software can be started.
Place files in the script location of the php server. After that, if you start “index.php”, you can create a podcast file in “http: // YOURDOMAIN / podcast.xml”.

When updating podcasts from the next time, you only need to start “index.php”!

Thank you for reading

Sound Street Radio 990 (SSR) is an independent internet only Radio Station based in Yamagata Japan. Its run by a small team with a devotion to quality Music and fun entertainment.

If you are interested, please also listen to our podcast!! Listen Our Podcast

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I'm an IT engineer in charge of building this site for the Sound Street Radio station network. I mainly deal with Java, C, and enjoy experimenting with Arduino and Android. (Uh-oh, PHP is ...) I grew up using free software and open source. This is because I think it is the best technology available, my intention is to publish as much as possible. So, I am happy to receive any feedback from you our users. Thank you.

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