DJ-Hiro co-starred with Ishikawa of ManicState! Public talk show at Bar Massive

Ishikawa and Hiro this day. “One hour was very short,” they said.

In early March, the snow in Yamagata City began to melt. An open talk show took place at Massive, a coffee shop in a corner of a busy bar.
The theme of this time is ” PUNK ”.

In the first half of the discussion, Mr. Ishikawa tells the views and feelings to the punk. Hilo releases numerous episodes from him, so you can enjoy the punk world of amazing music.
They gradually derail from the talk and excite the audience…

You can listen to this in Hiro’s program at SoundStreetRadio!
Do not miss Hiro ‘s good talk technique either. Please listen!

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Daisuke was born in Yamagata and studied Business Managment at Chuo University in Tokyo. As a talented Hip Hop and Jazz Dancer he regularly attends dance competitions and is well known locally for his unique fashion statements, DJ clubbing work and street dancing.