To web developers: Enhanced Old School Cassette Player with HTML5 Audio

If you are a listener of our station, please visit here directly.

We have created an html5 player with podcast playback function and a function to select episodes from the list. It is based on Codrops’ Old School Cassette Player with HTML 5 Audio.


Download (Source code):

For the settings before use,  simply download the source and change the variable in line 14 of “js/jquery.cassette.js” to your podcast one.

//You only need to edit this url before you start to use.
var Podurl = '';

About javascript code, beginner like me could hardly understand jQuery’s prototype and so on. As I could not edit the code at all, I rewrote it as a simple code and boldly deleted the part I was not sure. (fool)

I have made code like beautiful Steve Jobs into a dirty code that I ignore object-oriented, but please understand.

Until now, I have created tools that everybody can not look at, such as program request tools and podcast conversion applications, but there are plans to produce useful services for movie makers such as Youtuber. Please stay tuned.

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I'm an IT engineer in charge of building this site for the Sound Street Radio station network. I mainly deal with Java, C, and enjoy experimenting with Arduino and Android. (Uh-oh, PHP is ...) I grew up using free software and open source. This is because I think it is the best technology available, my intention is to publish as much as possible. So, I am happy to receive any feedback from you our users. Thank you.

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