We Made Podcast Creator for Radio.co

We decided to create our station’s podcast, but struggled not know the way.

We will note to self that we do.

From the dashboard of Radio.co, you can play the media directly, but it does not seem to be able to direct link there due to authentication by token, .

However, it was able to download the media that have been published from the FTP account that is available for upload.So, Download from here, we thought can be published the podcast in the something uploader (via online storage). Of course, I usually nice even to fall in the rental server of this blog but, like an error occurs that it files of large capacity, was rejected because it does not offer the need to split.

Required for cloud storage are the following three points.

  • That you can create a direct link possible public
  • There have an API and the implementation is easy to program
  • It can be used free of charge

In the beginning, Google Drive was thought, but at about 25MB or more files were abandoned as can not direct link.One Drive also, was not available in as a non-corresponding to the upload of large files by API.

After comparing a variety of online storage, it was found that meet these requirements if we use Dropbox.However, in the free account, capacity of 2GB (about 28 hours-shows) in the initial state and the bandwidth of up to 20GB per day (about 280 hours-shows). So, after came more listeners, we consider about upgrading or thinking another way.(In our case, Media had become about 70MB per one-hour show. )

After this, we created a program. But we can’t find how to update without changing the share URL of the file of Dropbox. We decided to end uploading the play list file of the podcast in this rental server.( The list file size is also small! )

So, finished work flow is here.

  1. Save the media in local via FTP from Radio.co
  2. Upload from the local media to Dropbox
  3. Get the shared link from Dropbox, and create playlists
  4. Upload of the play list to another FTP server

After that, it is completed by transmitting the play list of the uploaded podcasts to iTunes or the like.

Once, also has released a program that was created this time.


You are able to download from here, please use.Such as the detailed usage, also might write once I feel like it … (it’s hard to use command line program.)

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