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Well, we are nearly up and running after many little headaches. Ive been involved in producing movies and TV shows but this is a totally new experience for me and the team. The biggest problem we’ve experienced has been trying to set up the streaming codes with 3rd party streamers, but we’re nearly there I hope!

This means you’ll be able to hear Sound Street Radio on the Radio and App’s plus many more. We are based in Yamagata Japan which is set deep in a valley surrounded by some very impressive mountains, Zao Mountain being one of the main ones where people come from around the World to snow board.

Anyway please support us by listening because we are looking to help new up and coming Japanese DJ’s and in the New Year we will be producing a New Music Show to support and promote new up and coming Artists and Bands into Japan form around the World. Oh and Btw, Our own SSR App’s will be ready soon for you to download onto your iPhone or Android from iTunes and Google Play.

Thanks, please check out and Like our Facebook page @soundstreetradio
​Twitter: @rizlatune
​Be back here again soon… Steve Benham.

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Steve Benham the founder of Sound Street Radio, is a musician, composer, producer and Media Consultant. Steve has spent most of his working life in the entertainment and media industries. Steve (Bo) was a founder member of the late 70's successful power-pop group called The Pleasers. After which he set up his own record label and TV advertising production company. Steve was responsible for producing the successful ITV-1 & 2 network TV series New Music Television that was responsible for helping to break 24 then unknown artists into the UK top 20. Artists included Feeder, White Stripes PJ Harvey and Sigor Ros.

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