“The Japanese are kind!”

 I arrived in Tokyo with two heavy eyelids from jet lag to be greeted by typhoon No.6 sweeping up from the south. Caught the Shinkansen north to Yamagata, on arrival I had a shower and a Japanese bath that I couldn’t get out of due to my size. Tried to make myself comfortable on the tatami floor, but my size 12 feet kept sticking out the end of the cover. After a few hours sleep I was woken up at 6am by an earth quake measuring 3.11 and I thought time was up!

My mission today was to find a mobile phone shop so I can get a cheep mobile to use during my 2 month stay in Japan. No sign of one anywhere? So I stopped a young lady to ask her where the nearest mobile phone shop is, she kindly checked the map on her phone and said, it’s far away! I said I’m on a push bike is that ok and she said in broken English no, to far? Then to my surprise she said I have car I take you, (being English I said) wow is that ok, she said yes come with me! So we went to her tiny little car (like a small garden shed on wheels) where I managed to climb in with my legs wrapped around my ears.

She took me far away to a shop called Soft Bank. After spending some time there they told me that they didn’t have the right type of phone for me? To thank the young lady for helping me I decided to take her for a coffee and cake after which she dropped me off where my trusty push bike was waiting.

After getting back home I notice that my reading glasses were missing, so I decided to re-trace my steps by cycling back to where I had been earlier. No sign of them anywhere, so I went to the police station to report them lost, as the polite policeman sat down to take my details I reached inside my jacket only to find my glasses in the top pocket of my shirt!

I felt like a complete dipstick, I then came back home to hear the breaking news on TV that a nearby volcano has decided to become active, plus there’s an 80 mile an hour wind blowing outside? All I need now is for a bloody meteorite to hit the town.

Apart from all that the people here are lovely, very kind and helpful, nothing like they are portrayed in the movies! Hopping tomorrow will be better?

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